Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Bass Pro Fall Classic - Meet the Local Pros Recap

The Bass Pro Fall Classic is underway and last weekend was the 'Meet the Local Pros' weekend. I was blessed to be able to share about archery, bowhunting, and optics through four seminars over the two days. What a great weekend!

Photo courtesy of Shannon Gauthier

In my 'How to Find a Big Buck Seminar', I was able to pass around the Diamondback 8x42s and the Razor HD 10x42s. I got some great feedback and explained why the Razors are better for California hunting because of the superb glass, wicked smooth focus knob, and the fact that you can glass in really low light with ease. The next thing you know,  guys want to try them out and before long they are buying them. I was trying them out over two days and with that I came to the conclusion that I really want to buy a pair, but not of the 10x42s. The Diamondback 10x42s are great (especially at that price), but those Razor HD 12x50s I tried are by far the best glass I have used. To be honest, they are the only 12x50s I have found I can use because my interpupillary distance is so narrow that most binoculars don't adjust far enough for me to comfortably see through them well. Kudos to Vortex for making that happen. I had no idea that a company made some high focus glass that I could actually utilize well!

The seminar that most attended was fine tuning your archery set-up. I was surprised and delighted at the same time. I had a great time talking with everyone about what is happening with their gear, how to adjust it for better shooting, and I shared many tips and techniques for dialing everything in well. If you think that is a seminar you'd like to attend, let me know and I'll set another one up.

I'll be posting up a review of the Diamondback 10x42s in the next couple weeks, along with the new tripod mount. I will tell you that I love the new tripod mount. We had some good in-store discussion about that, too. Already have a few guys looking to buy their own this week. Sweet!

I am planning on heading to the desert this Saturday to get my three rifles dialed in. All three have new Vortex scopes and are ready for action. Let the fun begin!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Women's Hunting Workshop this Saturday at Bass Pro Shops!

How many of you women would like to get into hunting, but have no idea where to begin? It can be daunting and frustrating to say the least. Bass Pro Shops and Rachel Von Fleck are now giving you a chance to learn...for FREE!

Rachel Von Fleck is an avid Southern California hunter and fisher and will be giving a 'Women's Hunting Workshop' at 3:00 PM (in front of the fish tank) where she will cover many topics from how she got started, what she likes to hunt, and tips for YOU to get started! There will be some great giveaway items, so bring your questions because now is the perfect time to ask!

Follow her adventures on Instagram @VonFleck.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Bass Pro Fall Hunting Classic - Free Seminars and Meet the Pros!

Come on out and say hello this Saturday and Sunday at the Bass Pro Shops Fall Hunting Classic in Rancho Cucamonga! It's Local Pro Weekend! Let's talk hunting, shooting, archery, and gear. I'll be manning the Vortex Optics table upstairs with some fun giveaways!

There will be some great deals on all hunting gear, optics, as well as some awesome giveaways! I'll be giving seminars on bowhunting (improving your aim), scent control, and optics. Plus I'll go over strategies and tactics to get that big buck! See you there Saturday and Sunday!

Here is my seminar schedule!

Sat. 19th
11am – Archery Insights: Improving Your Aim
2pm – Stealth & Scent Control
4pm – Bag a Big Buck: Tips & Tactics 

Sun. 20th
11am – Hone the Harvest: Archery Fine Tuning

See you out there!

Monday, August 14, 2017

WINNER Announced! GIVEAWAY Time! HHA Sports Virtus Arrow Rest

Hunting season is right around the corner and I am sure some of you like to improve your archery set up. Well now is the time! Who wants to win some new gear?

Last week I posted my review of the Virtus Arrow Rest and I love it. Now it is your chance to win one for yourself. 

There are a few ways you can enter. For each entry, you will have to come back to THIS post and let me know you completed the task.  Leave a SEPARATE comment for EACH task completed. That means on day one you can have ten (10) comments and three more every day after. Sweet! At the end of the giveaway, I will choose a winner via RNG and post it here. If you are chosen as the winner I will verify the entry, so be sure to follow the rules. 

The person who shares shares this giveaway the most will get a little something, too.

Here are the ways you can enter:
  1. Leave me a comment below and tell me what bow you will mount this on. You must leave a valid email address for me to contact you if you win. (i.e. thesocalbowhunter @ yahoo - this keeps the spambots at bay) (+1 entry)
  2. LIKE the HHA Sports FB page and let them know The SoCal Bowhunter sent you. (+2 entries)
  3. LIKE the SoCal Bowhunter FB page and post your FB username in a comment below so I know who to look for. (+2 entries)
  4. Share the giveaway post on Facebook (once per day). (+1 entry) 
  5. Follow HHA Sports on Instagram (+2 entries)
  6. Follow me on Instagram (+2 entries) 
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  8. Follow HHA Sports on Twitter. If you already follow, leave a comment saying so. (+2 entries)
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  10. Tweet the text inside the quotes below about the giveaway (once per day). (+1 entry)

     and  are giving away a Virtus Fall Away Arrow Rest on The SoCal Bowhunter blog!'
Disclaimer: The giveaway starts August 14, 2017 and goes until midnight on August 20, 2017. Winner will be chosen through Random Number Generator based on legitimate entries. Winner will be contacted by email and announced on this post. Winner will have 24 hours to respond to my email. If there is no response, a new winner will be chosen. If you plan on being out of town, away from email, or can't follow directions, don't come whining to me if you miss out. The SoCal Bowhunter will ship product to giveaway winner. Odds of winning prize is dependent upon the total number of eligible entries received.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Gear Review: HHA Sports Virtus Fall Away Arrow Rest

HHA Sports released the Virtus Fall Away arrow rest for 2017 and coming from a company known for quality archery sights, I figured this rest would rank right up there, too. I was not mistaken! I have been field testing the Virtus for a short time in SoCal with great results.
On average, 22 veterans a day take their lives in America, struggling to cope with the physical and mental scars sustained during their time of service. 

In an effort to raise awareness of this issue and help those in need, 2.2% of the profits from the sales of the Virtus rest will go to the Operation HHAUSA project to actively involve veterans in the sport of archery and hunting.

The Virtus was installed in less than 15 minutes. Now, it's no secret that I love my HHA sights, and the Virtus ranks right up there with yet another great product from them. I would recommend making a slight mark, in pencil, on your bow where you current rest sits. It makes installation that much faster so you can line everything up. Plus, I recommend reading the directions in full. One of the benefits to the Virtus is that you can draw the cord through the cable attachment OR through the rest itself. It allows you to sync everything up and allows the rest to come up perfectly at full draw. 

The rubber on the prong area is excellent for keeping the arrow still when setting an arrow in place. It is quiet, but also keeps the arrow still when loading it up.

The Virtus is extremely quiet when cocking and when firing an arrow. Really quiet! I love that feature of the rest. No spring noises, no slap of it hitting the riser, and no grinding. It functions very well. I shot round after round after round and my groups were tight, the bow was quiet, and the rest quickly became one of my favorite parts of my bow. 

As with any of their product, it carries the 100% Lifetime Warranty from HHA Sports. All HHA products are made in the USA and carry a 100% lifetime guarantee. That should matter to you! Should your Virtus fail, return it to them and they will repair or replace it within 48 hours and return it to you. Pretty sweet, right? 

Retailing from $129.99, the HHA Virtus Fall Away arrow rest is a great buy for a top rate product. I have been a fan of HHA Sports sights for years and they solidified it even more with the addition of the Virtus . Do I recommend it? You bet I do! In fact, I am already removing my other rests to install the Virtus on each of my bows. I think it is that good!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

ANNOUNCEMENT: August 5 Scouting Trip Details

I am taking a group of new and some experienced hunters out on August 5, 2017 to scout for deer to learn new techniques and how to scout properly. I plan on heading to a spot early (probably 4-5 AM) and start scouting an area in either the Angeles National Forest or the San Bernardino National Forest. I will take suggestions from you guys, too. Otherwise, you will have to live with wherever I take you.

We may scout all day and we may move around a bit. If you can carpool you will be better off. 4-wheel drive is not required. I plan on taking pictures for my partners and to show Bass Pro what a good seminar can lead to. Feel free to email me with any questions before the scouting trip. You can find my email in the contact section. I prefer email because I will send out reminders and requirements to everyone at once.

I am going to limit it to the first ten (10) hunters that get back to me.

If you wish to attend, you must email me with your name, contact #, and let me know if you can scout just the morning or all dayThis way I can plan on what to bring to help you guys out and send you guys a list of what you will need. This is also the only way to find out the location. I will not be posting it on Facebook or my blog.  

Monday, July 24, 2017

Bass Pro Shops Seminar Recap: A Great Saturday!

Last Saturday, I offered up an impromptu Deer Scouting and Optics seminar at Bass Pro Shops in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. It was short notice, but I had people asking for one, so I set it up. I am so glad I did! We owe a big thank you to Shannon at BPS for scrambling to make it happen and getting us a room! Thank you, Shannon! I really want to thank the hunters that took the time out of their busy Saturday to take part in the seminar and ask a bunch of questions. We covered everything from maps, tracks, water sources, game trails, game cameras, glassing, and proper optics for the job. In fact, my scouting and optics seminar was slated for an hour, but ended up going 2.5 hours and I had to cut it short due to my  next seminar. It was fantastic!

I want to say thank you to Vortex Optics for helping out with some great giveaway items and with making great optics. The guys wanted to know about my Vortex Optics and checked out my set-up. You guys rock!

Right after giving my scouting seminar, I held a Gearing Up for Long Range Shooting seminar (which had a great turnout of more than 30 people). I discussed some of the most used weapons for competitive shooting, ammunition, optics, and offered some tips and techniques. I briefly covered some hunting tips, but I really wanted to focus on shooting alone. I mentioned that if people wanted a great guide to get going they should read 'Long Range Shooting Handbook: A beginner’s Guide to Precision Rifle Shooting' by Ryan Cleckner. It's a must read for the long range shooter. After the seminar and talking with some long range shooters, I took a walk to the scope case to drool a bit and make a wish list for my rifles. Oh yes, there are some beauties in that case! 

ANNOUNCEMENT: I am taking a group of new and some experienced hunters out on August 5 to scout for deer to learn new techniques and how to scout properly. There will be more details coming, but if you wish to attend, you must email me with your name, contact #, and let me know if you can scout just the morning or all day. I plan on heading to a spot early (probably 4-5 AM) and start scouting an area in either the Angeles National Forest or the San Bernardino National Forest. (I will take suggestions from you guys, too.) We may scout all day and we may move around a bit. If you can carpool you will be better off. 4-wheel drive is not required, but it could prove useful. I plan on taking pictures for my partners and to show Bass Pro what a good seminar can lead to. Feel free to email me with any questions before the scouting trip. You can find my email in the contact section. I prefer email because I will send out reminders and requirements to everyone at once.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Bass Pro Shops Seminar: Deer Scouting and Optics

On Saturday, July 22 at 11:30AM, I will be giving a free 'Deer Scouting and Optics Seminar' at Bass Pro Shops in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. I'll cover where to begin, optics, the methods and tactics you should use, movement and the lack thereof, and I will stick around and answer your questions after. Looking forward to meeting you guys!

Room Location: The Bass Pro Conference room, by the second floor bathrooms. 

Bass Pro Shops: Gear Up For Long Range Shooting Seminar

On Saturday, July 22 at 2:00 PM, I will be giving a free 'Gear Up for Long Range Shooting Seminar' at Bass Pro Shops in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. I'll cover what you need to get started (firearm and optics), what to read up on, and how it can help with hunting. It's set up to be a 20-30 minute seminar, but I will stick around and answer your questions after. Looking forward to meeting you guys!

Location: Upstairs, in front of the elevator by the hunting department.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

2018 Anteris Alliance Try & Buy Event

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Gear Review: Sport Ridge Heavy Duty Rail Mounted Bi-pod

Positioning your rifle properly is one of the keys to making a great shot. When it came to my AR-15 build and upgrades, I field tested multiple bi-pods and one stood out as the clear winner. The Sport Ridge Heavy Duty Rail Mounted Bi-pod lives up to its name of being heavy duty and has some excellent benefits. I have been shooting with the 6-9" rail mount model for the past few months with great results. 

The Sport Ridge 6-9" Rail Mounted Bi-pod was chosen due to wanting something fairly short to set up in an open field or rocky hillsides for hunting coyotes and also target shooting from the prone position. I was also on a budget and wanted to find something sturdy, easy to use, and reliable. I could have opted for the longer legs, but when it comes down to it, in those situations I will use a backpack or a tree.

First off, the Sport Ridge rail mounted bi-pod attaches directly to the picatinny rail of my AR with ease and locks solidly into place. It is pivot friendly with a solid locking mechanism if you want it to stay put (Low Profile Indexing Quick Lever™). Not only does it stay put, but when you want to it is super smooth to adjust. I was able to simply reach forward, adjust the lever and cant my rifle whichever way I needed to, lock the lever back down and shoot. It was that simple and easy to do. 

The springs on this bi-pod are wicked strong and really help the legs stay put when extended. I was impressed with how powerful the springs are. I have tried other name-brand bi-pods with powerful springs and they don't hold a candle to the Sport Ridge Heavy Duty Rail Mounted Bi-pod. When shooting, the legs stay anchored well and take a beating. The legs pop out and retract manually. I plopped my AR down on the bi-pod with the legs up and in, and with them out and extended to see how durable they were. The legs stayed put, held true, and functioned as specified.

At $82.00, this bi-pod is not inexpensive, but it is also not cheap. It is rugged, strong, and works well in any terrain. The Sport Ridge Heavy Duty Rail Mounted Bi-pod holds its own as a high-quality, tough-as-nails bi-pod. If you are looking to add a bi-pod to your AR or upgrade to a high quality bi-pod, choose the Sport Ridge and you'll enjoy hunting and shooting even more.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Heading Into Father's Day Weekend

Life comes at you hard and decisions are sometimes made for you. Sometimes it's simply that you are just busy and that's how it has been for me the past couple months. I've been neck deep into a couple of major work projects that I am very proud of, so my blogging has suffered, but it's all good in my world. Quite honestly, I have spent more time reading, exercising, and spending time with my family than worry about getting my thoughts into a blog post. I had a few minutes today to jot down some things I wanted to share with you all.

First off, the SHARE hunts are available on the CA DFW website now. For under $12 for each chance, it's worth it if you want to hunt elk, deer, bear, or pigs. Just log in and pick the ones you want to try for.

Testing gear has been at the forefront of my free time, too. I have a couple of articles coming out on CA Sportsman on my gear, upgrades, and some field testing. I hope you all have a chance to to read the articles.

I have also been talking with the biologists and game wardens in the area to get more info on hunting this year. With the rains we have had and the nice weather, we should start seeing more and more wildlife in many of the areas. It's time to get the trail cams out and get to scouting. I know Brett has started with the cams and he is seeing some nice results.

I hope all of you fathers have a wonderful weekend with your families and kiddos. I know I will and can't wait to enjoy the weekend. I am thinking some archery practice, steaks on the grill, a cold brew, and a cigar. Sounds about right to me!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Free Saturday Seminars at Bass Pro Rancho Cucamonga

I will be giving two free (Yes, FREE) seminars at Bass Pro Rancho Cucamonga, CA this Saturday, June 3rd.

12:30 PM - Scent Control 101

Tips and techniques on how to stay as scent-free as possible before and during your hunt. Some topics will be what clothing to wear, what to eat or not eat, clothing storage, and playing the wind.

3:00 PM - Day Hunt vs. Multi-day Hunting Trips: What's in my Pack

Do I really need this? How much does it weigh? I will share what essentials you will need for a one day hunting trip vs. a multi-day trip. Topics covered will be what packs I use, what essentials, and what items you may or may not truly need. Water, food, and pack weight will all be discussed!

I am looking forward to meeting you all and hearing your questions. I will stick around to chat after!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Gear Review: Hawkeye Custom Cheek Rests

Lining up properly for your shot is one of the most important steps in rifle shooting. Proper eye relief needs to be maintained and you need a proper cheek weld to do so. For a couple years I have used a makeshift cheek rest on my Remington .270 and this year I needed an upgrade. Including my homemade build, I tried three types out with very different results. While this is a comparison of what I tried and tested, I am sharing this as a full review of the Hawkeye Custom Cheek Rests. 

My homemade cheek rest didn't fare so well. You can barely see it!

When I inherited my .270 from my uncle, I added a new scope with high rings. While the stock has a built-in cheek rest, I needed one that would elevate my head a bit more for proper alignment. I had some extra foam table edge protectors, so I cut a piece to length and slid an Allen buttstock bullet holder over the top. This cob job worked for a couple years, but it certainly wasn't the best solution. It really needed some duct tape to keep things in place. This year it all fell apart and wouldn't stay put. I needed a better option.

The Voodoo Tactical cheek rest kit. This didn't work well at all.

I searched online and checked out many different options. My first choice was to save some money and purchase the Voodoo Tactical Buttstock Cheek Rest with Ammo Carrier Case on Amazon for around $15.00. Reviews were decent and a few tips and tricks made it sound like this would work well. I installed it and ran into issues right away. There was Velcro everywhere that wouldn't cinch down correctly. It was bulky and awkward, and it was really high. I removed some of the foam inside the unit, Velcroed everything back together and tested it. The cheek weld worked, but the front of the rest would not cinch up tight enough. I had options like tucking the Velcro strap in the back, or simply cutting it off. No matter what I tried, I was not satisfied, so I sent it back for a refund.

The Hawkeye Custom Cheek Rests with the 60mm bolt kit.

After more research and deciding I needed to suck it up and find something worthwhile, I found family-owned Hawkeye Custom Cheek Rests. I emailed them and explained my situation and asked them what they would recommend. Their website allows you to choose Kydex cheek rests in three different thicknesses; Elite - .125", Operator - .080", and Standard - .060" mil thickness. Austin recommended that I try one in the Operator and one in Elite. I knew that in order to utilize one of the Hawkeye cheek rests that I would need to drill into my stock to mount it properly. Honestly, that didn't bother me with a synthetic stock. I chose the Operator in gun metal gray, and black for the Elite. After my order, I had them in two days (and they were shipped from the East Coast). Super fast turnaround.

Inside the box you get:
  • (1) Kydex Cheek Rest .080" (Gunmetal)
  • (2) 60mm low profile black bolts (black)
  • (2) Knurled steel thumb knobs (black)
  • Neoprene Washers
  • Installation Instructions
Measure twice, drill once. I took great care in lining up the holes.

I read the installation instructions twice, measured twice, and followed the recommendation to use masking tape as a guide. I made my marks, did my drilling and followed exactly what the directions stated. I used smaller drill bits at first and worked my way up. The major issue I had was the fact that my synthetic stock has a built-in cheek rest. I opted to try the .080" rest and it conformed perfectly. The .125" was far too thick and, as stated on the website, would not bend well. I got the cheek rest set exactly where I needed it, tested it out and I was in business. I am very happy with the Hawkeye Custom Cheek Rest!

The Operator retails for $33.99 and the Elite retails for $38.99. I think the Elite would work well for a uniform stock, but for those with odd shaped stocks or just want a solid cheek rest, the Hawkeye Custom Cheek Rests in .080" work the best. I have not tested the .060", but it only comes in black and I wanted a different color. I highly recommend these guys for great customer service and also offering a great solution in the cheek rest category.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Product Review: Lyman GEN6 Compact Touch Screen Powder System

Reloading the old fashioned way is precise, but with the technology that has come out in recent years you can reload much faster and have it be as precise as ever. When my reloading mentor, Bill Gardner, and I spoke with Lyman Products at SHOT Show 2017, they gave us a solid rundown of their products and product improvements. It was impressive and with me getting back into reloading, they wanted me to see how great their products really are. The number one question I had was on powder dispensers, especially the Lyman GEN6 ™ Compact Touch Screen Powder System. I was invited to try the unit and give an honest review.

When the GEN6 Compact Touch Screen Powder System arrived I was like a kid on Christmas. My experience with powder dispensers had been limited to strictly manual use, which has been very time consuming. Using an electronic dispenser was going to be new and exciting! My first impressions were that it is lightweight, takes up little bench space, and was easy to assemble. It comes with a weight to calibrate the system, a brush for loose powder, powder pan, and a cord with interchangeable heads for use in other countries. Pretty cool to see that.

Assembling was easy, but I did have some trouble with the first unit (detailed below).

Using Unit #1

The GEN6 Compact Touch Screen Powder System was easy to set up and assemble. It only took us a few minutes and after we waited the three minute warm up, we were ready to calibrate and start dispensing powder. We calibrated exactly as the manual stated and then began setting up loads for my 300 WM. It took us a while to get the calibration to work for us. We kept having issues with it reading an incorrect number (see image above that should read 771.0). We calibrated and set the zero. We used another digital scale to verify the weight. The other scale read the correct weight.

The Lyman website states the GEN6 is accurate to one tenth grain. I set it for 57.5 grains of powder and when it dispensed the readout was 57.6 consistently. This was within specs, but it would never hit 57.5 on the nose. Thinking that it might be kicking out a little extra, we inserted the restrictor attachment into the dispensing tube. We again calibrated the GEN6 and then also calibrated the other electronic scale to verify weight. Calibration was right on for the other, but not the GEN6. It took some time again. We then set the unit to dispense 57.5  with the same results coming out at 57.6. We poured that powder into the pan on the other scale and it came up 57.2 grains. I was getting frustrated and confused.

We calibrated the GEN6 again (third time) and set it to dispense 57.5 grains again. The screen read 57.6 a few times and then 57.7 a few times. Each time we verified weight on the other scale and it was consistently 2-4 tenths lower than what was on the GEN6 screen.

After calibrating a fourth time, we tested out a different power for a different caliber and load. We ran into the same results again. Two tenths lower across the board. I contacted Lyman with my results and concerns as to the dispensing. Lyman was great and shipped out a new unit right away. Tech support reported they replaced the seals and cleaned the unit to working order. Kudos to Lyman for getting after the issue right away, but mainly for sending a new unit without question.

Using Unit #2

Once the new unit arrived, we again followed the directions as in the manual, calibrated and again set up loads for my 300 WM.  We calibrated this unit right away to 771.1 grains and it was within spec and was excellent this time around (I verified it on the other scale). When it came time to set some loads, I programmed in 57.5 grains and the scale dispensed exactly 57.5 grains each and every time (also verified on the other scale). I was very happy now. I reloaded 80 rounds, in very little time, with the new GEN6 and it worked like a dream. This is one stellar unit!

The only issues I had with the second unit was the touch screen. I had a difficult time having the proper setting turn on/off with the touch of my finger. Even Bill had to get his finger in the exact right place. It was a bit frustrating at times, but once set there were no issues.

Cleanup was very easy with the side powder chute and brush. Simply put the correct powder keg under the chute, open it and watch the powder empty back into the container. I was actually surprised at how easy this was. The small brush was great for sweeping up the loose powder. I did find a few grains of powder inside the machine after I thought it was clean, so be 100% you have all of the loose powder out before attempting to reload with another.

It stores easily and can be used with different powders. We tried it with ball powder and grain rifle powder. Just be sure it's completely cleaned out and then calibrate it for the new powder. Also remember that the auto dispense feature is awesome, but can drive you nuts when you forget to turn it off. I made that mistake one time! Okay, two times!

Overall, I think the Lyman GEN6 Compact Touch Screen Powder System is an awesome powder dispensing system. I would love to see the touch screen a bit more sensitive and easier to set, but it is a great machine. I have seen it listed from $189.99 - $299.99. Average price is around $230.00. Coming from someone who has reloaded by hand for much of his life, for near perfect precision powder dispensing, I think this machine like this is worth the money and I would recommend it to any reloader.

I received the Lyman GEN6 Compact Touch Screen Powder System for free from Lyman Products in consideration for review publication. All opinions are strictly my own.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Bass Pro Shops Adds Al Quackenbush to Local Pro Staff

It's an honor and a privilege to announce that I have been selected to the Bass Pro Shops Local Pro Staff in Rancho Cucamonga, CA for 2017! For many years, I have been giving seminars and shown up in store at Bass Pro to help other hunters become more successful. My expertise is in hunting big game, so that is what I will focus on. I do hunt small game, but my love is for hunting big game. I will be joining a solid team with decades of hunting and fishing experience. 

Does this mean I will only talk hunting? Not a all! If you want to hear about a certain topic, talk hunting gear, or even try to figure out California regulations and get advice, I'll talk about any and all. I simply want to help you all become better hunters. Why not meet at Bass Pro to do it?

I'll be offering seminars on a regular basis and that is where I could use your help. What do YOU all want to learn about? I can talk about the same things over and over, but I really want to be sure I am covering the topics that you want to learn about. 

I am thrilled to be representing Bass Pro Shops in 2017!